Raised for the Slaughter​.​.​. Until They Kill Us All

by Ignis Gratis

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released May 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Ignis Gratis Kansas City, Missouri

4 piece KC crust

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Track Name: Raised for the Slaughter
Out of the womb, and under the lights
You're given a number, they read you your rights
This life is a prison, I'll show you your cell
Now pray to your god at the gates of hell
No fucking choice, you'll be brainwashed by school
Either under religious or government rules
With more propaganda than real information
Who says the point is still education?
They want you in college to keep you in debt
Every decision you're gonna regret
Can you live with the anger, frustration, and rage
Of working your ass off for minimum wage?
If you're dumb enough to join the marines
You'll be sent overseas to die on your knees
You've got no real options and your freedom is a lie
All you can hope for is to pick how you die
The air is fucking poison
Your food is fucking poison
The water's fucking poisoned
And their drugs will make you kill yourself
Track Name: Until They Kill Us All
Where can we go when you've built a wall
and our fucking efforts mean nothing at all?
You started this fight, your motives are clear
Your profits increase when life disappears
Some problems never go away
Some things never change
Reaction is what this is
Subtraction is how we live
There's too many ceilings and walls
We're free because we're all imprisoned
We're living under the illusion
Their system works, it's our solution
It happens time and time again
Human nature always wins
The bastards never will give in
Until there's nothing left to defend
It always ends in savagery
Butchery, brutality
There's no way to stop it until they fucking kill us all